Arkansas Delegation Statement

At its March 24th meeting the Arkansas Delegation unanimously adopted the following statement regarding the upcoming General Conference.

The Arkansas delegation agrees that The United Methodist Church must change in spirit and structure in order to fulfill its mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World.  We recognize there are several plans being proposed to move us forward in our mission.  As General Conference works its way through these plans we commit ourselves to these principles:

– delving more deeply in Scripture and prayer to discern God’s will for The United Methodist Church.

– spiritually seeking and exercising more faith to follow God’s will.

– creating more vital congregations and local ministries because that is where the making                        of  disciples of Jesus Christ primarily occurs.

– recruiting and training more young and diverse leadership, lay and clergy.

– simplifying our structure for adaptive change in fulfilling our mission while maintaining                               appropriate and ethical checks and balances.

– including gender, age, racial and ethnic diversity in decision making positions.

We know that no one can predict with confidence the full impact of any of the proposed changes but we also believe that if we do nothing or only make minor changes our beloved Church will continue to decline, losing its own vitality and weaken in its world-wide witness.  We believe God still has a plan and a role for The United Methodist Church in the world, and we pledge ourselves to discovering and fulfilling God’s purposes for our Church.  We ask our sisters and brothers across the connection to be in prayer with us and for us in this time of obedience and discernment.

 Christ above all.

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